NameGlobalCompany - CCM Mill
Autorno.naim (LSMC), Derelky
Größe4,83 MB
Beschreibung Pack of CCM Mill and 3 Selling Triggers. Use this Mill to process Maize to 120% CCM raw material. With CCM raw material you can either: a) place one of the included selling triggers - sell CCM RAW b) ensile CCM RAW so it converts to CCM - sell CCM or feed to pigs The mill has an in-ground storage for the maize. Save your game before Placing! Maize can be bought from other farmers for 750€. - Capacity: 30000l - Production: 60000l/h - Price: 52000€ (Trigger 0€) Changelog - free Rotation now (this required to enlarge the baseplate) --> might need to be newly placed! - moved trigger to fold the pipe - added particlesystem - added selling stations