NameGlobalCompany - MaizePlus Storage
AutorLS-Modcompany / Sh0rrty, kevink98
Größe21,75 MB
BeschreibungBulk goods hall for the storage of loose material. Capacity/box: 80.000 litres Costs: 22.000 € Maintenance costs: 20 € / day These fruits are accepted: Wheat, barley, oat, canola, sunflower, soybeans, maize, potatoes, sugarbeet, seeds, forage, chaff, woodchips, silage, grass, hay, straw, pigfood, lime, fertilizer, chopped maize, maize silage, grass silage, silage grass, CCM, maize grain meal (fresh), clover silage, lucerne silage, alfalfa, lucerne hay, clover, clover hay, incarase grass, carrots, onions, straw pellets and hay pellets Information: Mod only playable in combination with GlobalCompany!