NameTrioliet Animal Feeding Systems
AutorLS-Modcompany / D-S_Agrarservice - Kastor / kevink98
Größe36,63 MB
BeschreibungTriomatic T30 feed kitchen with storage bunkers for automatic feeding system and Triomatic HP 2 300 feeding robot on the monorail. In addition, a large cowshed where the feed kitchen and feeding robot can be grown. Attitude about feeding time and adjustment the mixing ratio. Technical specifications: Triomatic T30 feed kitchen / Triomatic HP 2 300 feeding robot Cost: 185000 Bunker Capacity: 100000 L. Roboter Capacity: 60000 L. Maintenance costs: 100 € / day Dimensions: ca15m x 15m Raw materials required: silage / hay / straw Product: mixed ration Large cowshed Cost: 300000 € Capacity: 2000 animals Maintenance costs: 80 € / day Dimensions: ca. 125m x 105m