NameGlobalCompany - Productions - Honey
AutorLsModcompany / kevink98, Eribus
Größe5,75 MB
BeschreibungExtension to productions - honey You want to get into the honey production? No problem! Honey house: Cost - 2.000€ maintenance costs - 10€ / day The honey house must be placed first. Empty honeycombs and of course bees are needed. If honey was collected, full honeycombs can be taken out. Honey extractor: Costs - 5.000€ In the honey extractor the honey is taken from the full honeycombs. The honey can be filled into a bucket. The empty honeycombs can then be put back into the honey house to be brought. Honey bottling station: Cost - 15.000€ In this filling station the honey is now filled into jars. Empty jars and of course honey are needed for this. Information: Mod only playable in combination with GlobalCompany, GlobalCompany - Productions and Productions-TreeFruits!