NameFendt 700/800 Vario
Größe27,36 MB
BeschreibungFendt 700/800 Vario Price: 129.200€ Power: 115-205HP Model: FS17 XX_Malle_XX FS19 convert Cayman Features: - FS19 Texture/Material system - Colour configuration - Tire configuration - Front fender configuration - StarFire 6000 and GreenStar 2630 configuration (only with GPS by Wopster) - Interior animated and illuminated - with Ctrl + F you can change between normal and top headlights Important: You have to install the newest version of GPS by Wopster ( for the gps configuration! Changelog: v2.0.0.0 - added Fendt Favorit 700 Series - added terra wheels - added warning signs (foldable with key X) - added design configuration for beaconlights (foldable with key N) - added mouse control to windows, doors and roof - added Hauer frontloader attacherblock - added Fendt Cargo frontloader attacherblock - added Mueller Elektronik TrackGuide 3 GPS configuration (only with GPS by Wopster) - added colour configuration for exhaust grid - changed front grid texture - fixed minor texture problems Changelog: v2.0.1.0 - fixed specular textures - fixed Favorit 712 decal Changelog: v2.0.2.0 - fixed problem with Fendt Cargo frontloaderattacherblock Changelog: v3.0.0.0 - some model changes - added SimpleIC - reduced sound volume - new store pictures - added Trelleborg TM1060 wheels !!!CLAAS DLC needed!!!