NameAnimal Feed Mixers
Größe7,93 MB
BeschreibungFarming Innovations 500s - Animal Feed Mixers With individual load bins, feeder system and automatic messuring system, you can rest assured knowing your animals feed will be chopped and mixed just right each time. Forage Mixer 500s - Price: 89,000 $ - Daily maintenance: 15 $ - TMR per hour: 5000 l - TMR capacity: 90,000 l - Input types: (Loose or Bale) - Hay, (Dry Alfalfa, Dry Clover) ** - Straw - Silage - Individual input capacity: 30,000 l Pig Food Mixer 500s - Price: 89,000 $ - Daily maintenance: 15 $ - Pig Food per hour: 5000 l - Pig Food capacity: 90,000 l - Input Types: - Grain: Wheat, Barley, Oat - Earth: Potato, Sugar Beet - Protein: Canola, Soybean, Sunflower - Individual input capacity: 30,000 l ** When available on map. Note: No extra script addons or mods are required for this mod to operate. Version: - Fix scaling issue with popup UI and other small bug fixes. - Added support for extra input fill types when available (Forage Mixer 500s). - 3D model adjustments including improved spouts and augar screw direction. - New operating sounds including start / stop samples. - Trigger markers will now be hidden when disabled in GUI. - Map hotspot added.