NameCSZ Equipment Pack
AutorDD ModPassion
Größe82,06 MB
BeschreibungCSZ Equipment Pack contains over 140 equipment from the CSZ product range. These equipments are made for tractors, front loaders, skid steer loaders, telehandlers and wheel loaders. These include the following equipment: silage bucket, bucket for potatoes and beets, normal bucket, bucket with grapple, raptor bucket, bucket with central exhaust, bale fork, manure fork, fork with grapple, big fork, fork for wrapped bales, biting fork, big bag handler, extension cord, cage, adapters, translator, extra elevation, pallet fork, pallet fork with grapple, double pallet fork, fork for logs, log shovel, hook for lifting, arm for the lift, extension for lifting, scraper, dozer blade, dozer blade with extension and mixer. Changelog: - removed specialization for loading the pallets. - improved the configurations. Changelog: - improved the configurations. - added support for tension belt. Changelog: - clean log file. Changelog: - added loading of the pallets to all the pallet forks except the double width ones. This works for any pallet if it is defined pallet. - improved multiplayer performance causing problems with baling unloading. - added the support for bale of Addon Straw Harvest. - added new model. - added new translations. - some minor bug fixes. Changelog: - IMPORTANT: For a better experience of using the bale forks, please choose to buy the correct tools, in case you have or don't have the John Deere Cotton DLC. For those who don't have this DLC, we've added new tools to the game store, with this message: "IMPORTANT: don't use this tool if you have the John Deere Cotton DLC.". We have also improved the existing tools for those who have this DLC. Please now, if you don't have this DLC, use these new tools. - added the support for big bales size same the Hesston balers. - added the support for new fill types: potatoWashed and potatoSorted. - some minor bug fixes. Changelog: - fixed problem with automatic bale loading, caused by John Deere Cotton DLC. - added new translations. - some minor bug fixes. Changelog: - added new models.