NamePonsse Bear
AutorNorth Modding Company
Größe16,66 MB
BeschreibungPONSSE BEAR HARVESTER, A SPECIALIST IN HEAVY-DUTY HARVESTING. The most powerful engine, the sturdiest crane, two large hydraulic pumps, large harvester heads, incredible production in dense forests and refined ergonomics: these are what the big bear is made of. Bear is ruthlessly powerful, with state-of-the-art ergonomics. Despite its incredible power, Bear is highly economical. High fuel economy, long service intervals and speedy maintenance make Bear an affordable tool with low lifecycle costs which endures hard work, tirelessly, year after year. PONSSE BEAR is the largest machine in the model series, a gentle giant, for large trees and stands. Raw power, combined with advanced modern technology and operator-based ergonomics, makes Bear a productive harvester, which feels at home in challenging conditions and large stands. Horsepower: 354HP Price: 380 000$ Harvester head: Ponsse H8 Ponsse Activeframe: Cab leveling Front Blade and Engine Grill Guard configs Tension belt support Changelog -Changed fuel tank volume -Tweaked engine -Tweaked Wheels -Removed double wipers -Fixed rotation of wipers -Weight Adjustments -New store icon